January 8, 2011

Yet again, I've got to hand it to Jimmy Beans Wool. They are easily becoming my favorite on-line purveyor of fine yarns (fancy way of saying on-line wool shop). On New Years Eve, I was searching for a new project since I knew that I would be finishing Vintage Knee Socks and Valpuri soon. I had had my eye on Aidez by Cirilia Rose for a while and was finally getting to a point where I thought it would be safe to look into what yarns I would want to use for it.

Hubbs grandpa gave me a Visa gift card for Christmas and I figured why not use if for something that would give me joy multiple times. So I started checking out the project pages on Ravelry. A lot of people had used Cascade Eco+ for their projects and I had been wanting to try out this yarn for a while. So I ventured over to Jimmy Beans to check out their color choices. It was really hard to choose but I finally decided to go with 4009 Aporto.

I figured that Jimmy Beans would be closed on New Years Eve and New Years day. But they were open and shipped my yarn that same day! I couldn't believe it. I figured that ordering it on a holiday would give me more time to finish up my existing projects (I did finish 2) but my yarn arrived on Monday! Monday, people! I know that I'm really close to them as they're located in Reno, NV and I'm in Sacramento, CA (by the way if you get the chance to go to their brick and mortar store, you totally should...it's a great shop) but getting the yarn on Monday after ordering it on a holiday weekend is really awesome!

I love Jimmy Beans so much!

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