January 10, 2011

Obviously, I'm obsessed with Ravelry. That pretty much goes without saying. But lately, I've become obsessed with Jimmy Beans Wool.

They have this fun little thing called Wool Watcher. They put a limited amount of a specific wool on sale at fantastic prices for a limited amount of time or until it sells out. So far almost every thing I've seen on sale has been almost 50% off. I haven't bought anything yet but I'm totally obsessed with checking the site to see what is on sale. It's the first thing I look at in the morning and I always check it about 50 times during the day. It's so fun to see what they put on sale and there have been a number of things that I have been so tempted to buy.

If you haven't checked out Wool Watchers yet, you should! It's so fun!

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