January 20, 2011

My yarn for Larch didn't show up over the long weekend. For some reason USPS sent my yarn from Reno all the way to The Bay Area for sorting instead of sending it to Sacramento. Some times I just don't get why the postal services does the things it does. Hopefully I'll get it this week.

Aidez is pretty much done. The sleeves are blocking and as soon as they're done, I'll be ready to seam it up and wear it. But since I can't go 20 min's without something to knit, I started going through my back issues of Interweave Knits. I found this really cute satchel in the Summer 2010 issue that I remember wanting to knit but not really having the time to do it. The pattern is called Lacy Leaf Satchel by Pam Powers.

© Pam Powers

© Pam Powers

© Pam Powers
Seriously, how cute is that bag? The pattern calls for Worsted weight yarn. I didn't feel like making a trip to my LYS so I headed to Jo-Anns Fabrics to look at their yarn. I picked out an Aran weight yarn by Debbie Stoller. I got 6 skeins of Bamboo Ewe in the Lipstick colorway. It's 55% Bamboo and 45% Wool...let me tell you, this stuff is so soft. It's a smidge splitty but it's softness makes it worth it.
Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller, Bamboo Ewe in Lipstick

I haven't blocked it yet so I'm a bit concerned on how it's going to block out. The last time I used a Bamboo yarn it was 75% acrylic and 25% bamboo. It blocked beautiful so I'm hoping this will be the same.

The only problem I'm having with the pattern is that it says "Block to indicated measurements" but I can't find those measurements anywhere. After looking at all the other project pages on Ravelry for this bag, it doesn't seem that anyone else is having the problem. I guess I'm just going to have to wing it and hope for the best. I have almost finished one of the leaf side panels. As soon as it's done, I'm going to block it just to see how it comes out.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Lisa - a fellow Lisa here!

If you look at the pattern page there are measurements for the size of the plastic canvas which holds the structure of the bag.

According to the Knitting Daily website (and I think this is in the magazine too), finished measurements are:

13" wide at top, 18" wide at bottom, and 11" tall, excluding handles.

It's 6" deep at the base too.

I hope that helps - looking forward to seeing your finished product (I have just casted on!)