January 11, 2011

The new Winter/Spring 2011 preview of Knitscene has been up for a few days now. Previews of magazines that I don't have a subscription to are so awesome. I love being able to decided before it hits the news stand whether or not I actually want the magazine. Otherwise I end up spending a day searching all over creation to find it, only to discover that I don't want it.

Here's my favorites:
G├╝rtel Cardigan by Tonia Barry

Chiton Pullover by Melissa Wehrle
Love the draped neckline.

Love the side detail - So cute!

Camellia Shrug by Cassie Miller
I'm not really a shrug wearer - but it might be a fun challenge to make this into a pullover with the detail on the back only. Also, the color is fabulous.

Love the detail on the sleeve

Bandha Hoodie by Christa Giles
Love the belt detail and the lace hoodie.

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