January 23, 2011

I like the outdoors but I'm also not the type of girl that loves hunting...fishing yes, but hunting no. So when Hubbs asked if I wanted to go to the International Sportsman's Expo yesterday I was hesitant. These things are always crowded and either too hot or too cold. I just don't have fun but being that Hubbs goes to all kinds of knitting and quilting things that I'm sure he doesn't want to go to, I figured that it would be nice if I went with him.

So we went and guess what? I'm the only one who bought anything! I picked up two cards of antler buttons for only $2 each! Cheap! And beautiful too.

The small ones are just a bit over 1/2" wide and the large ones are just slightly larger then 1 & 1/4" wide.

The Small ones

The larger ones have nice sheen to them.
I like the texture of them, bony and irregular but beautiful.

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