April 24, 2012

Oh My.

Chicken bag.  Really?  Oh Amazon, how you amuse me.

April 23, 2012

Less then a week...

Less then a week to my next half marathon. I’m running the American River Parkway Half on Saturday, On Saturday, April 28. I think I’m going to do great but I’m nervous because the girl that has been pacing my for all of my long runs isn’t running the race with me. I love running with her because I can run a nice steady 11 minute mile that I feels like I can run that speed for a million miles. Also I missed one of the long runs, 11 miles, because I was sick.

Goals for this race:
-Finish (as always)
-Finish under 2:30, even better if I can finish in better then 2:29:30 which is what I ran Shamrock’n last month. A new PR would be nice.
-Feel good after the race. I was half dead after Shamrock’n and hurt for days afterward. I don’t want to feel like this again.

This race will be the first race I have ever run where I will be listening to my iPod. I don’t normally run with one but I’m wanting something to distract me from thinking about it. Our temps here have jumped over night into the 80’s and I’m worried about the heat. It’s supposed to be cooler this weekend but I don’t trust the weather guy. They’re just guessing. I’m praying they’re right but I’m trying to plan for the worst.

I’m also planning on carrying my water with me, which I don’t normally do but I want to make sure that if it’s hot, I have enough water. I also want it because it will give me a more convenient way to carry my fuel then just pockets. I’m also planning to fuel more often than I have in the past. I’ve noticed that the more I fuel the better I feel. So no fueling at 5 miles and again at 10. I’m going to fuel every 40 minutes no matter the mileage.

I’ve already run almost the entire course at one point or another with my training group so there shouldn’t be any surprises on this course.