January 24, 2011

Well...Adiez is done and I'm not happy. It's too small! It looks too small, it's so tight I can barely get into the dang thing and I'm so disappointed. I'm hoping that it might fit my older sister. She's smaller then me.
The back. You can see that in putting it on I blew out the seam on the right seam on my shoulder. I like the length.

The front...I look like 10 pounds of potatoes in a 5 pound sack. It looks terrible. And the sleeves! I added 1/2 inch to sleeves because I have monkey arms and they're still too short and too tight. I just don't get it. My arms are so skinny that I'm often compared to Olive Oil from Popeye! Yet, still...too short & too tight. Sigh.

I would remake this in a larger size again but not right away. I'll put it back into my queue on Ravelry and see if I get back around to it. However, despite the tragedy that Aidez turned out to be (tragedy might be a bit strong...maybe, maybe not), it did do one thing for me. It got me to retake my measurements. All this time I've been making 36's because that's the size I thought, for reasons unknown since I don't recall measuring, I was. But it turns out that my chest size is 38, not 36. Suddenly I'm much bustier then I was before! Score! lol Anyway, now I know and hopefully this won't happen again to me.

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