January 21, 2011

Wouldn't you know it, my yarn for Larch showed up in yesterdays mail. I didn't cast on for it because I'm working on the Lacy Leaf Satchel and I haven't seamed up Aidez yet. Those two along with my Central Park Hoodie (that I haven't worked on in a really long time and only needs the sleeves re-knit) make three WIPs. I know that I said 4 was my max WIPs but I just don't want to start another one right now. I need to seam up Aidez (will only take maybe two evenings) and I want to finish Lacy Leaf Satchel before I start on Larch. I just know that if I don't finish that satchel, I will get totally side tracked by Larch because it's mostly stockinette stitch which makes for a simple knit.

Lacy Leaf requires a bit more attention. And I already bought all the necessary notions to complete the bag except for the handles. I will need to order those on line since no where local has them. Since I chose a red colorway, I'm thinking black handles might be the way to go even though I love the walnut colors that I've seen, black will just go better with the red.

I finished the first lacy leaf side panel and am blocking it to see how it looks. My gauge is a bit off. The pattern says to wet block it to indicated measurements but I don't see where it says what the measurements are in the pattern. So I blocked it to the finished size. Pattern says finished size is 13" wide at the top, 18" wide at the bottom and 11" high. Mine came out as 15" wide at the top, 18" wide at the bottom and just a bit more then 11" high. But the yarn did block out nicely which was my main concern with Bamboo Ewe. I'm used to working with 100% wool yarns most of the time and they block differently then something with acrylic. But the bamboo looks really nice.

I don't think I'll be using Lacy Leaf Satchel for a purse. I need a bag that zips closed at at the top and can be tossed over my shoulder for every day use. My worst fear is someone reaching into my bag and taking my wallet out without me noticing. But Lacy Leaf Satchel will make a fantastic knitting bag. Right now I'm using a tote that I made some time ago. I don't really take my projects many places but I do keep it on the couch so all my things are together and the dogs and cat stay out of it (kitty especially has a taste for yarn). I can't wait for it to be done.

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