May 11, 2010

We zipped over from El Paso into New Mexico and up to Las Cruces and then across the state and into Arizona. We made the furniture drop in Tucson and managed to stay only an hour before we hit the road again. We stopped about 45 min's outside of Tucson at Pichaco Mountain State Park to check out the Sonoran Desert. The cactus's were really cool and we both loved the Saguaro's. Once again we had the park pretty much to ourselves and it was amazing. Stupidly, I didn't charge the camera battery last night and after only a few pictures in the park, the battery died. I'm charging it tonight because tomorrow we're off to Sedona and then to Grand Canyon.

Here's today's photo highlights:
Crossing into New Mexico. We couldn't stop by the sign like we have at most other states because there was road construction and there really wasn't a place to actually pull over.

We crossed the Continental Divide. This was Hubbs first time crossing. I've crossed and recrossed it several times up north but this was my first time doing it in New Mexico. The funny thing was Hubbs asked why made it the divide and I had no idea. Thankfully the Blackberry came in handy again and I was able to look it up. Turns out it has to do with watershed. On the Pacific side, the water drains to the Pacific side, on the other side it drains to the Gulf of Mexico.

Some cool cliffs on the way to Tucson.

Headed into Arizona. People were honking at us while we were taking pictures on the side of the highway.
Pichaco Peak. This huge mountain sticks out of the flat desert and has been used as a navigational tool for thousands of years but was first recorded in the 1700's.

We hiked a bit of the Sunset Trail in the Pichaco State Park. The mountain and the Seguaro Cactus Forest were amazing.

I loved this cactus. I think it's a baby Seguaro but it had the coolest red-ish spines on it. They looked like they should be soft but they were very hard.

Hubbs climbed to the top of this huge lava rock. I was so nervous that he was going to fall but the view was worth it.
I listen to Craft Lit a lot and Heather always talks about pod casting from her corner of the Senoran Desert and I had no idea what it looked like but now I do. I was so excited to check out Pichaco State Park. We were hoping to see a road runner but we never did. We saw lots of birds and chipmunks but no road runners. Maybe tomorrow.
The battery is charging so I'm sure there will be a ton of pictures!

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