May 5, 2010

It's Wednesday again but this one isn't going to be wordless. Not much has been going on at the Dropped Stitch household lately. Busy with work and busy getting ready to fly out on Friday to "Hotlanta" as my coworker calls it. Hubbs and I are going back to Roanoke, Al to pick up all the stuff that the family left behind in a storage unit when we were there at the end of February. I'm both excited and apprehensive about the trip. It's a long way there, flying, and a very long drive back. Hubbs isn't a great traveler so I'm not sure how I'm going to keep him entertained. Flying is the worst part. I had enough of flying the last time I went. Waiting on the tarmac to be de-iced (in Atlanta of all places) is a bit too much for me. I was so glad to get home from that trip.

I'm pretty type A when it comes to wanting everything to go smoothly, I'm very nervous about the drive back to California from Alabama. I want Hubbs to have fun and see some interesting sights but we really don't have much time for sight seeing. We have 7 days to be back in California, really 6 since 1 day is just getting to Georgia and then into Alabama. But since work is so stressful right now all I want to do is get out of here. It's Wednesday today and our flight out is Friday morning at 6:30am. That means we have to be at the airport at 4:30am. 4:30 people! 4:30! That's an ungodly hour. We'll have to leave the house by 3:15ish to be there in time to check in, make it through security and at the gate. I'm so nervous that we're going to miss the flight. We'll land in Denver at about 9:50 and be flying out to Atlanta at about 10:30. It's going to be a rush rush kinda thing.

I'm going to have my laptop with me so I'm planning to post pictures and stuff from the trip as often as I can. Right now the highlight of the trip is the Grand Canyon. We'll be there around the middle of next week with a stop in Las Vegas for our Anniversary on Thursday. Hard to believe that it's been 4 years already since Hubbs and I got married. We're planning for a nice dinner out but anything can happen. Hubbs is pretty lucky in the casinos so maybe he'll hit a mega jackpot or something! One can only dream! lol

Gotta get through today at work so I can get home, run an errand and then try to pack. I'm a last min packer so I might get 50% packed tonight and the rest packed Thursday night. Fingers crossed I don't forget anything. Next post is from the road!

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