May 13, 2010

We are so tired tonight so a quick post of today's highlights. We went from Williams, AZ to Grand Canyon to Hoover Damn to Vegas today. Lots of miles and lots of fun.

South Rim at the Visitors Center

Both of us on the South Rim.

This ground squirrel was sitting on the side of the trail and I used my powers of talking to the animals to get it to look up when I snapped the picture.

Self portrait

There were three elk on the side of the road down by the Bright Angel Trial. We were pretty stoked to get to see some.

At the entrance to the park.

On the way to Hoover Damn, the desert was blooming with tons of pink and purple catcus blooms.

Also lots of yellow daisy's.

We agree that we got really lucky on this trip. A couple of weeks either direction and might not have gotten to see all the all blooming catci.

Hoover Damn!
Hubbs at Hoover Damn. They're building a by-pass road. We wondered if they're going to stop allowing people to drive across the damn. If so, we were glad that we got a chance to do it.

Welcome to Nevada! Only one state from home now.

Home time zone baby!

Vegas baby!

The lights are so pretty on the strip. We walked so far that our feet are killing us! Looking froward to a nice night in the hotel.
7 hour ride home tomorrow and then back on the road Saturday to drop off the furniture to my mom. We've really enjoyed the trip but we can't wait to get home and sleep in our own bed. We miss our dogs and kitty too. No stops planned for tomorrow, just a straight shot home. But you never know what can happen during out hours on the road.

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