May 8, 2010

Caution! Picture Heavy Post!

Flew in to Atlanta yesterday, picked up or rental truck and drove the 2 hours into Roanoke, Alabama. It was funny because we were driving along and all of a sudden I knew exactly where I was. I recognized the church and graveyard where most of my family is buried. Before that I was going strictly off the map. We got in early enough that we were able to loaded up. We ended up skipping dinner last night and didn't get to eat at my favorite place, The Galley in Roanoke.

Got up early this morning and hit the road. We made a quick stop at my great aunts house so that Hubbs could see the place before it's sold.
Here's Hubbs on the front porch of the house.

Here's me the fronts steps. With no one there to take care of the place there is already grass growing in the cracks of the porch and the weeds have gotten pretty tall in the flower beds.

It was really sad to see that no one was cutting the grass and all of Miss Eva's plants were over grown and untended. I feel really sad that we're letting go of the home place but with no one left in Alabama to live there, we can't really keep it.

Some of Miss Eva's Hostas. She was famous around town for her ability to propagate plants and she was always willing to share whatever you admired around her property.

There are tons of thistles around the house. We don't have thistles this color in California.

In Leeds, we stopped at Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum. I didn't think we'd spend more then an hour here but we ended up spending more then 2 hours wandering around. It was really cool to see all the old motorcycles up to current stuff. I mostly like the really old stuff.

This was the coolest motorized bike. It had wooden rims for wheels, the grips were made out of cork and the brake just pressed on the wheel instead of the rim like modern bikes. I wanted to ride it!

This was one of my favorite motorcycles. Its a Harley that was exported to Australia and then they added the side car for making cookie delivery's in Sydney. Too cool!

This is a Cushman scooter that I fell in love with. It was really tiny and made in the '50's. I want one! This was the one that was the coolest of all the ones that they had at the museum. I loved the little fringed saddle bags.

We crossed into Mississippi around 3:30 this afternoon. We had to pull onto the shoulder of the interstate to take pictures. I'm sure we looked like crazy tourists, but since it's an accurate description we went with it!

We got into Vicksburg to spend the night around 6 or 6:30. We went to the visitors center to see the amazing view of the Mississippi River. Hubbs has never seen any river this big before and it was really cool to watch the amazement on his face and hear it in his voice too. I'm really glad that it was something that I could share with him. He's usually the one that is sharing his stuff with me, so I was glad that I could share this with him.

I think this tug boat was pushing at full speed just to make headway on the river. The water was really flowing fast.

The United States flag and the Mississippi state flag.

Me and the mighty Mississippi!

A really nice lady was so kind as to snap a picture of us together.

Staying in Vicksburg tonight and going across Louisiana tomorrow and into Texas. To be continued!

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