May 10, 2010

Cisco Texas to El Paso Texas today. It was a very long 500 miles with not much to look at. We tried to make it interesting but I have to give a nod to my Blackberry. I was able to look up information about various things we passed.
Here's the highlights for today:
We passed miles and miles of huge windmills in Sweetwater, TX. We have windmills in California too but none that close to the road.
More windmills. These pictures don't do justice to the size of these things at all. They enormous.
Sorry, not a great picture but neither Hubbs or I could get over people riding motorcycles without helmets. Even if I didn't have to use one, I think I still would. After all I'm the one that wears full leathers even when it's 115 degrees out there.

It was super windy! Check out the hair. I have it in a bun on the back of my head, not a side ponytail! We used a lot of gas getting across Central Texas and into El Paso. We had a head wind almost the entire way.

The wind was kicking up amazing amounts of dust.

Out side of Van Horn we crossed into the Mountain Time Zone from Central time. We're only 1 hour ahead of our home time zone now.

The cactus was blooming in the desert and thankfully we decided to stop and get some pictures.

The mountains were so pretty. It looked really rugged and I couldn't imagine being a pioneer and having to cross this landscape in a wagon.

We got into El Paso early today and after a stop at The Largest Harley Dealer, Barrnets we stopped at a store that sold Texas memorabilia. Of course I had to try on the Texas Sunglasses!

Tomorrow we go into Tucson to drop off some furniture to a cousin and then it's off to Piacho Peak State Park and then to Casa Grande, AZ as our final Destination. I can't wait to get the Tucson part of the trip over with. Not looking forward to having to drop off furniture but I am looking forward to everything after that part!

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