May 20, 2010

Hubbs and I had to waste a bit of time this afternoon while new tires were being put on his truck. Thankfully the shopping mall where the tires were being put on had a Cost Plus World Market. I can wander in there for quite some time. Going in I didn't intend to buy anything but...well you know. Some times you find something that you can't go with out.

I love jewelry. I don't own much and the few pieces that I do have are fairly nice. I don't have much in the way of costume jewelry that isn't vintage. But when I saw this necklace, which is similar to many that I've admired on, I couldn't pass it up. It was pretty inexpensive but I fell completely in love. I could have easily bought several other pieces that I saw there including a few pairs of earrings that I might go back for, but I choose just one necklace.

I love this piece. The pastel colors on the charm are just beautiful and I love the dove charm. I can't wait to wear this next week to work.

I also came a cross this wonderfully colorful set of ceramic measuring spoons. I have at least three other sets of measuring spoons but I use them so much that often the size I need is in the dishwasher. Hubbs is so cute, when I saw them he noticed that they were only $2.99 and quickly offered to buy them for me. He's such a sweetie. I quickly accepted his offer. lol What can I say? I loves me some measuring spoons. Now if only he'd offer to buy me that set of dishes I admired!

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