May 10, 2010

Another picture heavy post! The wifi at the hotel last night sucked and I couldn't upload any of my pictures! Boo hoo for me! Anyway here's the update from yesterday.

We decided at the last minuet to stay in Vicksburg in the morning and visit the Vicksburg Battlefield National Park. Cost $8 to get in per vehicle and I'd say that we got our $8 out of it. We expected to spend maybe an hour to an hour and a half there but we were really enjoying it and time got away from us. We enjoyed the part for 3 and a half hours. It was really interesting to see history like that. I've been a bit of a Civil War history buff so it was so cool to see where it all happened. We had the park pretty much to ourselves while we were there. I don't think we saw more then half a dozen people the entire time we were there.

Here's the high lights. Hubbs and a restored civil war cannon.

A row of Union artillery.

Hubbs behind Union lines.

The Shirley House. It had a variety of uses after the family that owned it at the time moved out. It was in the middle of repeated attacks and was riddled with bullet holes and cannon fire. It had been restored a couple of times but was badly in need of restoration again. Hubbs and I both loved the porch.

A monument to the Ohio Union troops that were killed or wounded here.

This seal is on the floor of the memorial when you walk in. Booth Hubbs and I went, "Wow!" when we walked in. It really took your breath away.

I learned to use the timer on my camera and we both laughed a lot was I scrambled up the steps of the memorial for a pic with Hubbs.

The view from the Ohio memorial to the west. The area was heavily wooded and had very steep ravines on all sides.

I know you're not supposed to climb on the statues but I couldn't resist ridding the horsey! lol

This is the iron clad ship Ciro. It was sunk in the Yazoo River and recovered in the 1960's. You could walk around inside the ship. Very cool.

The Ciro.

When they raised the Ciro they found a variety of items inside all in perfect condition.

The ships bell.

The Union cemetery.
A head stone in the cemetery. The tree was growing around it.
There was a lot more see there but we were running out of time so it was time to go.

We crossed the Mississippi and then the weather turned ugly for us. It rained most of the way across Louisiana. No thunder and lightening but very heavy rain.

Welcome to Louisiana! Since the weather was so ugly we didn't make any stops in Louisiana except for lunch and gas. We quickly made it across the state and into Texas.

It was windy when we crossed into Texas but at least it stopped raining. After this we went about 300 miles into Cisco Texas. We got in late, grabbed some dinner at the Dairy Queen and then hit the hay.

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