May 18, 2010

Made a Little Top. As you may (or may not) remember a couple of weeks ago I planned to spend a whole day sewing. I had three patterns and some fabric. I spent most of that day cutting out all three patterns and I started sewing one of the tops but got frustrated and never finished it. Yesterday in between loads of laundry I sat down and worked on this top.

Surprisingly, I actually finished it! I had a few set backs and a few problems but I actually got it done.

The Front.

The back.
Pattern is New Look 6570. It was pretty easy and the pattern was easy to follow. I still have a skirt that is already cut out and ready to sew. I still have the other shirt partly finished. I think I need to go back and rip out and re-do. Actually I think I'm going to go grab it and work on ripping it out tonight.

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Evil Twin's Wife said...

That top is SO cute! :-)