April 11, 2011

Oh my gosh! I didn't post yesterday. That hasn't happened since December! I have to admit that I've gotten so into watching what I'm eating and exercising I haven't been doing any knitting or sewing.

I completed Couch to 5k on last Friday and Begin week 2 on Sunday. I have to admit that week 2, day 1 totally kicked my butt. Week 1 was pretty easy for me, run 60 seconds and walk 90 seconds. But bumping it up to run 90 seconds totally kicked my butt. I'm not sure if it was because I ran in the morning or because I wasn't fueled up enough or what the problem was. I normally run after work, around 4:45 or 5pm. It works pretty good for me since I sit on my rear end all day basically putting out no energy. Or at least the minimum amount of energy.

Despite the butt kicking run on Sunday, I'm going to keep going. Next run is tomorrow after work and I'm really looking forward to. I honestly think that if I stay on track for all of April, I'm going to sign up for a 5k in June.

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Thimbleanna said...

Stick with it Lisa! Those first three weeks were killers for me -- I thought three minutes would be my undoing. Then winter came and I didn't run -- just worked out at the Y over the winter. I went on my first run yesterday (never got back to couch to 5k sadly) and I eeked out 1.7 miles. I think I could have gone longer, but I was starting an uphill stretch, plus I thought I was at 2 miles which was my goal so I quit. Next time, I'm shooting for 2. I'm LOTS older than you, so if I can do it, you definitely can!!!