April 9, 2011

I know that I've said time and time again that I was going to get myself together and lose the weight that I've gained since I started my current job almost three years ago. And then nothing happens or I lose a couple of pounds, fall off program, gain the weight back and go back to my old habits.

Like just about every other American, I struggle with my weight. I know how to lose weight. I've done it before. I lost 84 pounds using weight watchers. Then I moved to Sacramento and gained a lot of it back...like 55 pounds of it back. Moving to a big city from a very small town is a scary experience (or at least it was for me). So is not having a job and trying to figure out a way to pay for a new house. With nothing physical to do all day except laundry and not having the confidence to go outside and take a walk or run, the weight came back quickly.

Next thing I know a year has passed, I've gained 55 pounds and I'm a year away from my wedding. I didn't want to look back at those wedding pictures and see a fat bride, so back to weight watchers I went. By the time the wedding rolled around I'd lost 30 pounds putting me back into the healthy weight range. After the wedding I continued to lose another 15 pounds. I kept that off for about 2 years and then I changed jobs.

My "new" job (I've been there almost 3 years now) has a lot of food activities going on. There are always potlucks and birthday lunches. Not to mention for part of that time one of my new coworkers on my unit always wanted me to go out to lunch with her since we were the closest in age. The lunches were fun. We'd gossip and talk about our significant others. But I was also not exercising and consuming much more calories then I'd normally would have by going out to lunch. Before I knew it 15 pounds gained back. Since that I'm I've stayed right about 150.

I'll lose a pound here and gain a pound there but almost always staying right around 150. Which is OK because it's still a healthy weight for my height. I'm tall and have a medium sized frame, so I'll never be 100 pounds, which is a good thing. I'd look silly at 100 pounds, scratch silly. I'd look sickly at 100 pounds.

While I do want to lose about 10 pounds. My goals this time are different. I used to run. A lot. I used to run a lot but a couple of years ago I got sick and just never went back to it. I really missed running. So a couple of weeks ago I started thinking about it again...obsessively thinking about it. I started walking my dogs again which is something that I really used to enjoy but haven't been doing in part because my job is so crazy and stressful when I got home I just wanted to fall on the couch. Dumb, dumb, dumb...stress is elevated by exercise. Duh and I know that.

About 30 days ago, I started tracking my food again. About 3 weeks ago I started walking the dogs again. Just shooting for 30 min's 3 times a week. But once I started walking them, I started feeling better and having more energy which led to me walking them every day for 30 min's. They get so excited when I put my runners on how can I say no? All of that led to me thinking about how much I love running. Last weekend Hubbs and I went to Fleet Feet on J Street in Sacramento. I got fitted for a new pair of Saucony running shoes. I picked out a pair of Pro Grid Ride 4. Totally scored them for less then $100 which thrilled me. I also downloaded an app for my phone to start the Couch to 5k program (C25k).

Since it's been so long since I ran, I'm starting from scratch. Monday after work, I came home and instead of dropping into my spot on the couch, I changed my cloths, laced up my runners and hit the street. I did the same thing on Wednesday too. After each run I have felt so great, so up beat and positive about every thing. Like the old me is coming back. That great feeling has even held over for work too. I haven't been rolling my eyes at my boss or making (too) many snide comments under my breath.

Yesterday was bit different then the first two days running C25k. Yesterday was week 1, day 3. I had the day off from work to get my car serviced which really only takes an hour but I took the whole day. I was so exhausted and sleepy that I didn't do a thing all day except watch TV and read. When Hubbs got home from work, I forced myself up and into my running gear. Let me tell ya, I am so glad that I did. My pace was better then Wednesdays run buy a lot. I gained over 1.5 min's. And I felt really good after. Not tired at all. I'm planning to continue with the program on Sunday for week 2, day 1.

My ultimate goal at this time is to run a 5k race in June. I'm really fired up about this.

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Becky said...

Like you, I am struggling to lost weight... I gained 80 pounds over the 4 years it took me to go through 'the change.' Now it is harder than ever to drop a few pounds... so I have changed to a vegan diet and have started running. I'm running my first 5k for this summer next Sunday in Iowa City with my daughter. Should be fun! :*) Good luck with your journey in weight loss and running!
Kindest Regards,
OM girl/Becky