April 3, 2011

KniCroBlo Week, Day 7: Your Knitting or Crochet Time.

You’d think that this would be a very easy post. All I’ve got to do is talk about my time. For some reason, I’ve been struggling with this one. For that reason, I’m going to employ the Who, What, When, Where and How of writing.

Who: Me, Hubbs, two dogs and a cat.

What: Knitting

When: Usually after work once the chores are done or on the weekends when we’re not running errands.

Where: Like most people I have a favorite spot in the house. It used to be on the couch but then we got a new entertainment center and rearranged the living room so now I have a chair with an ottoman. It’s covered with a quilt that I made when I first started quilting about 7 years ago. The chair itself if from the 60’s and is cream colored with blue strips. The cream colored chair is the reason for the quilt. Unless I put something in the chair, the second you leave the house or if the dog thinks you’re not paying attention to what he’s doing, he hops up in my chair for a rest. The quilt is cream and pastel colors but at least I can toss that in the washing machine if it gets muddy or covered in dog hair (it’s frequently both). I have a little side table that came from China with my Grandpa Jack when he was a Merchant Marine in the 40’s and 50’s. One the table I usually have my 32 oz water bottle, my notions can and any other necessary objects. It also holds the TV remotes, Kleenex and a side lamp. I recently got a new lamp that is directly over the chair to give me better lighting. Our house has the worst lighting. I’m pretty sure we have more lamps per capita then any other home in the country.

How: No knitting is to be done without the personal approval of the cat. She’s generally on my lap making sure that 1) I don’t make a break for it or 2) that my yarn meets with her approval. At least once an hour she does her test of yarn integrity by batting at the yarn and attempting to bite through it. While this is going on there is generally a dog dropping a slimy ball into my lap wanting it to be thrown for him while the other dog waits for the first dog to run by in order to pounce on him and start a dog wrestle mania. While all of that is going on the TV is generally on tuned to any number of programs. But I treat TV like radio. And then I tune it out. It sounds cayotic when I put in writing but it works for me.

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