April 21, 2011

My couch to 5k program has been coming along nicely. I completed week 2 last Thursday and began week 3 on Saturday. I'm really not having much of a problem getting back into the swing of things at all...at least with the running portion. Where I'm having trouble is my knees. They are killing me. And I'm not sure what the problem is. All the reading that I've been doing regarding the knees makes me think that it's not a typical runners issue and maybe I need to see a doctor to make sure I'm not doing serious damage to them. Even with the pain, I'm still pushing through. Week three is in full swing. And even more surprising then me sticking with it is that Hubbs is sticking too. And I hate it. He runs faster then me, especially since I'm hobbling right now, and he makes it look so effortless. I hate him. But I, grudgingly, admit that I'm proud of him too. I honestly figured he'd run once or twice and that would be it. But he's right there doing it and doing a great job. As an added bonus for me I've been pushing myself to continue to run after the end of the run interval to catch up with him once he starts the walk section. He's not usually very far in front and I'd guess that I'm only running 10 to 15 seconds more to catch him but I'm doing it. Most of the time I feel like I could keep running even after I catch him. I'm never out of breath and I never feel like there's no gas left in the tank after the runs. So the runs are good, solid runs. Even with my bad knees I feel like the program isn't advancing fast enough for me but I'm trying to trust the program and just roll with it. I also thought that running was going to pull my extra weight off faster but it hasn't. I did lose 4/10ths of a pound this week and I'm going with the old adage of, "Any loss is better then a gain/maintenance." However, since I got back on track on March 8th, I have lost over three pounds and that ain't bad. My favorite quote that I've been finding strength in lately is from Pat Riley, a basketball coach. He said, "There are only 2 options regarding commitment. You're either IN or you're OUT. There's no such thing as life in between." And let me tell you, I am in. I'm committed to this big time.

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Thimbleanna said...

My knees were killing me too by the second and third week. I kept thinking my knees would get used to it, if I just pressed on. I consulted my PT BIL and he said it was because my leg muscles were weak and my knees were taking all the brunt of the running. He gave me leg strengthening exercises to do. They may have helped, but I think what really helped was backing off of the frequency of the running a bit. I alternate the run with aerobic and zumba classes which have lots of squats, etc. for strengthening the leg muscles -- the frequency of running was just too much for my knees. I'm still not up to 5k distance, but I'm hopeful. And if it never happens, I'll be ok with that too 'cause when I started I could barely run for a minute.

Anyway, good luck. You might have to experiment a little to find out what works best for you!