December 31, 2010

Since it's the last day of the year, I figure it's time to talk about my goals (accomplished or unaccomplished for 2010. I had 10 goals for 2010 and to be honest, I didn't really put a lot into getting them completed. I did what I did and the ones that I didn't finish (or start) I feel no remorse about.

So here's the round up...

1. Read all 10 books on the List of Top 10 Banned Books - This one was an easy one since I love to read. I got all 10 read and it got me back on the road to reading more. All and all I read over 70 books in 2010 and I feel well read and well rounded because of it.

2. Knit 1 pair of toe up socks - I tackled this project pretty early on in the year. I did knit one pair and one pair only. Knitting socks was not really a goal for me like it was last year. In 2009 I knit 19 pairs of socks and in 2010 I knit only 6 pairs with the 7th pair started but not finished before the end of the year.

3. Knit something with Alpaca - I finished this goal right before Christmas by knitting a neck warmer for my step-mom. I enjoyed working with the alpaca but I'm not sure I'd want to knit any huge sweater projects from it. I kept hearing about how much alpaca stretches and that's what kept me from really using it. But I figured for a really soft, luxurious gift for my step-mom it was a good choice.

4. Quilt the 3 quilt tops that I have finished - I didn't even get started on this one. I got really distracted by making clothing this year and my quilting got left in the dust. Hoping to get some of this done in the new year.

5. Finish piecing and quilt the Christmas wall hanging - Got started on this but didn't finish it before the end of the year. Got too distracted with making clothing.

6. Sew up the two clothing patterns that I bought - Done and then some. Making my own clothing was a pretty short lived passion but I did it.

7. Start and complete at least one quilt out of the several that I have all the parts for all ready - Again, not even started. Same excuse, got distracted with making clothing.

8. Use up all the stashed sock yarn I have before buying anything new -Originally, I felt like I failed this goal because I bought one skein of sock yarn when I went to Fig Tree Alley in Midtown Sacramento. But really, one skein in the scheme of things is really nothing, so I feel victorious in this goal.

9. Knit up the Heather Hoodie by Debbie O'Neill - Done and worn about a billion times. I love this vest. So comfy.

10. Finish the 4 sweaters that I have as WIP's in my Raverly queue. (Celeste, February Lady, Tuxedo Vest, Central Park Hoodie) - 3 out of 4 ain't bad in the case of goal number 10. Well 2 are finished and one was frogged. I frogged Celeste and it became Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. I love this little lightweight sweater. It was great for nights at the ball park when all I needed was just a little something. February Lady and Tuxedo Vest are done. I've worn February Lady a number of times but I haven't worn Tuxedo Vest at all. As a matter of fact it's currently living in the bottom of a pile of clothes that either need alteration or repair in my sewing room. Central Park Hoodie is still on the needles. I did frog the sleeve and cast on again in a bigger needle but I never finished them. Maybe 2011 will be better for Central Park Hoodie.

As far as goals go, I'd say that I did pretty well. I totally completed 6 out of 10 goals. Number 10 and number 5 with both partially completed. That only leaves 2 goals that I didn't do anything with at all. 2010 goals was a success!

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