December 29, 2010

Girl Friday is coming along nicely. The back, both fronts and one of the sleeves is completely done and I'm working on the second sleeve now. This pattern is really easy to memorize which is nice since I can work on it while watching TV or chatting with Hubbs. It also makes for really nice early morning knitting when I'm the first one up. I can be half asleep, chugging coffee and still knitting up a storm. Now if only I could spend every morning that way.

Knit Picks Shadow in Vineyard Heather
Since I got my awesome chart keeper for Christmas, I wanted to start a project with a chart that I hadn't already memorized (which I have with Girl Friday). So I cast on For Vintage Knee Socks by Hannah Fettig. When I bought my yarn for Moorish Lattice Cardigan that turning into Girl Friday, I also bought 4 skeins of Knit Picks Shadow (lace weight) in Vineyard expressly for these socks. The picture of the color for this yarn on the Knit Picks website is dead on to what I actually received and let me tell you, it's beautiful.
I cast on on Christmas day after the family cleared out and was ready to start the heel flap on Monday evening. The pattern is pretty easy to memorize, but I've found it a bit hard to work with this yarn because it's held double. I keep knitting into only part of the stitch, picking up 1 strand of yarn and leaving the second. I makes it so I have to pick out the stitch and try again. Thank goodness that I have the Knit Picks Harmony Sock needles. They have nice sharp points on them that make it a lot easier to pick up both strands.

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