January 12, 2009

Weekend Recap

Ok, let's see. On the tracking everything I eat and how well did I do front, things went pretty well. I did good 2 out of 3 days so I'm calling that a victory. Yesterday I just couldn't commit to anything for lunch so that made me go crazy later in the day when I was starving. Made pizza for dinner without measuring anything so I have no idea how many calories it was.

Ok, let's switch to the positive. Friday morning I went down to Joann's Fabrics to get size 2 sock needles. Thursday night I realized that the sock I was working on was not going to fit because the needles I was using were to small and I needed larger ones. Of course I didn't have any size two's so I had to go get them. With hubby's helps we ripped out the 7" of sock I had all ready knitted and rewound the ball. After I grabbed the needles on Friday morning, I spent the entire day deep cleaning the house. It was pretty bad. I don't think the nick-nacks that I had on top of the kitchen cabinets had been cleaned or dusted in the almost 5 years we've lived in the house. Saying they were gross and my kitchen was boarder line unsanitary was an understatement. It took me three hours just to clean the kitchen from top to bottom. My original plan was to get the knitting needles as soon as the store opened so I could have the whole day to knit, but in typical Weezie fashion I got distracted by the dirt and dust and I didn't get to sit down to knit until some time around 6 or 6:30pm, I started cleaning at 10am. But the house is soooo clean and it makes my life so much easier to live when everything is clean.

On Saturday, hubby was supposed to work but ended up having the day off. I spent part of the morning working on my sock and part of my afternoon sewing. My MIL at Thanksgiving requested that I make a 1930's inspired table runner and place mats for her car club to give as a door prize at their 50th Anniversary party in February. I got those cut out and start sewing. I didn't get very far because my back was hurting from all the cleaning on Friday but I did make a good start and I'm really happy about that.

Here are the fabric's that I chose for the table runner and place mats. I got the four patch for the center of each block done and the flying geese for the side of each block done. I'm hoping to get some time in the sewing room this week to work on it some more but...who knows.

Miss Sphinx Kitty had to get in on the sewing action by laying on the fabric I was trying to cut. So I felt that she need to a cape to be super sewing kitty. She showed her lack of appreciation by just laying down and refusing to move until I took it off.

Sunday was a very lazy day at the Dropped Stitch household. We stayed in our jammies until after 1:30 when I figured I better quickly get a shower and get dressed because my mom was going to be dropping by for a while on her way home from spending the weekend at the snow. I spent the morning working on my sock. Thank goodness that my mom did come buy because I was having some problems turning the heel on my sock and she was able to get me straitened out. After she left I was able to pick up my gusset stitches and start working on the foot. Sock #1 is about 70% finished now.
One of the main reasons my mom stopped by on her way home was to drop off a couple of things that she had for Hubby and I. At Christmas my mom got Hubby a new Dermal tool but when he opened the box the tool wasn't in there and my mom had to take it back and get it replaced. So she had that for Hubby and she had some magazines for me that she was finished with. But more important then that was that she had my completed quilt. I finished it before Christmas but she took it so that her friend could do the hand work on the binding since she broke her ankle and couldn't do any sewing of her own except for hand work. I'm so excited to have this quilt back because I picked out the fabric about 2 years ago, got it cut out and then decided to give it to SIL for Christmas 2007. I really didn't want to give it to her but I couldn't afford to buy her a gift at that time. Well, I ended up running out of time and couldn't finish it. So I figured I finish it and give it to her for Christmas 2008, but the more I worked on it, the more I loved it and really didn't want to give it away. My mom finally convinced me not to give it to her and keep it for myself. I made her place mats instead and I'm sooo glad that I kept it for myself. I just love this quilt. The colors are so striking.

"Raspberry Pie"
Started Mid 2007
Finished November 2008
Fabric Purchased at R. Lily Stem, Modesto

Hubby and Miss Dixie with "Raspberry Pie"

I also finally got a picture of Hubby with the Rag Quilt that I made from his Grandfathers shirts to put in my quilt journal. It's rare that I can get pictures of Hubby where he's willing to not smirk AND not give the finger so I'm sharing!

Over all, my weekend was a great one! How was yours?

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