January 3, 2009

Sleep is for Suckers!

I can't believe that I'm up at 1am. At midnight I heard a very strange noise that woke me up from a nice sleep. Since I couldn't identify what the noise was, my first thought was that the cat had gotten into my brand new (expensive) yarn that I bought yesterday. So I jump out of bed and run into the dinning room. I flipped on the lights and it wasn't the cat. My dog had gotten the empty package of Parmesan cheese out of the trash can and was tearing it up to get to any cheese remnants that might have been inside. So I guess the good news is that the cat wasn't in my yarn, but the bad news is that I'm a wake.

I tried going back to sleep and laid in bed, in the dark listening to hubby snore for almost an hour before I gave up. So here I am, logged into Spark starting my day. Thank goodness that Hubby won't be home tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, normally that would be a bad thing but if I don't get any sleep I'm going to be very cranky and I don't want to take it out on him. He's been traumatized enough lately putting up with my horrible PMS. But instead of focusing on the bad, how about some pictures of my new yarn?!!!

I just love the color!

It's kinda chunky and funky! I have two skeins of it so I'm planning to make myself a scarf and maybe a hat out of it if I have enough. But who knows? With Ravelry the possibilities are pretty endless.
So besides yarn shopping, running errands and doing some house keeping, what else did I get into yesterday? I baked some more cookies out of my new Martha Stewart Cookies cook book. I made some huge chocolate cookies that turned out to be more like brownies then cookies but Hubby liked them so I'm happy. I also baked some bread. I did basic white bread because I had all the ingredients already. I wanted to make whole wheat but I was missing the powdered milk called for in the directions. This was my first try at using my Kitchen Aide mixer to do all the work of kneading the dough and it was soooo easy! I followed the directions, let it raise for an hour, punched it down, split into two loaves, put it in the pans, let it rise again and then tossed it in the oven. The loaves came out really great and the house smelled awesome! So doubly good!

Doesn't that look good?

On Friday, I pulled the last two of my rag quilts out of the drying and marked them. I think I posted here that they were made from my husbands grandfather's shirts. He passed away in November 2007. With some family members helping, we conspired to get a bunch of his shirts so that I could make quilts for 5 of the family members. Well, yesterday evening I needed to run up to the jewelers to have some links taken out of my new watch so I could wear it. Hubby suggested that we stop at his parents to give my mother-in-law the quilts. My MIL was so touched that she started crying. She looked at the four we'd brought for her and picked out all the shirts that she remembered her dad wearing on a regular basis. She's such a sweet lady and I'm so lucky to have her as my MIL. I have to give special thanks to my Hubby for coordinating the sneakiness, my FIL for picking out the shirt & my MIL's brother for bringing me the shirts. Without them, it never would have happened.

My MIL and 4 of the Quilts.

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