January 1, 2009


I spent last Sunday in the kitchen. Hubby and Father-in-Law were working in the garage to replace our hot water heater that had suddenly started leaking, so I figured I better be productive too. My favorite cousins on my mom's side of the family gave me Martha Stewarts Cookie Cookbook. There are so many great recepies that I want to try but I decided to make Snickerdoodles since they are hubby's favorite.

Thankfully her directions were extremly easy to follow and the cookies turned out great. FIL couldn't stay out of them and I had to send him home with a bag of them. Hubby loved them and has been enjoying them in his lunch this week. I've done my best to stay out of them but it's been an uphill battle this week. With all the food over the last couple of weeks with 3 different Christmas celebrations at 3 different houses, I've gone way off track with my eating habits. But that's ok, it's a new year and I can start over.

When my mom and grandmother went home on Saturday after Christmas, they left behind a bunch of bananas. They were to ripe for my liking so I decided to make banana bread. I found a great low fat receipe on Sparkpeople.com and went to work making the bread. I'm not really a fan of the stuff but I know that hubby loves it. And I figure it's got to be cheaper and better for you then buying it at Starbucks.

I made two loaves and sent one home with FIL. He was so excited that you would have thought that I had given him a brick of gold instead of some slightly warm, fresh from the oven banana bread. Hubby on the other hand must have asked ever 5 min's after it came out of the oven if it was cool enough to eat yet! What can I say? Replacing a water heater is hungry work!

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