January 29, 2009

Danged Ol' Dogs

I don't know what is up with my dog lately. He used to be a model citizen (well except for the barking at nothing, licking the floor and the constant chewing but other then that...) but last night he officially crossed the line from good, beloved dog to bad dog!

As I've previously posted I haven't been getting much sleep of late and I finally went back to taking my sleeping pills. Thankfully they don't knock me out so much that if the house was on fire I wouldn't notice but they generally allow me to sleep until my alarm goes off at 5am. Hubbs on the other hand needs no sleep aides and wouldn't wake up if someone drove their car into our bedroom through the front wall of the house. Normally this isn't a bad thing except when one of the animals needs desperately to go out at 3:45am they wake me up. This morning was one of those mornings. I was sweetly dreaming about goodness knows what (probably kittens and babies and other happy crappy stuff like that, no more zombie dreams thank goodness) when I was awakened by the sound of a dog pacing back and forth between my side of the bed and the sliding door in the family room. Sounded something like click, click, click...whine whine whine. I did my best to ignore him but after about 5 min's I knew if I didn't let him out there was no way I was going to back to sleep. So I got up, let both dogs out and then walked all the way down the hall, visited the little ladies room and walked all the way back to the sliding door. When I looked out there were no dogs to be seen, so I opened the door. Getting hit by a blast of less then 30 degree air while in my jammies is not my idea of fun to say the least. But after I opened the door I still couldn't see the dogs, so I was forced to turn on the light. Turning on the light was the last thing I wanted to do since that just wakes me up more, but I was finally able to spot them. Rex was still peeing and Dixie was just standing there waiting to come back in. I swear that dog must be 90% bladder, cause he continued to pee for another 2 min's after I opened the door. He finally finished up and I was able to go back to bed and catch about 45 min's of sleep before I had to get up.

I hate broken sleep. It makes me cranky. After I got up at 5am and grabbed a cup of coffee, Hubbs came into the bathroom to ask me if I'd gotten up at 4 to go to the bathroom and wanted to know why I turned on the light in the backyard. I grumpily explained to him what happened and I told him that when he sleeps through things like that I want to wake him up by beating his sleeping form with a wiffle ball bat. Ok, ok...I didn't actually say that but some times I think it. I wish I had is ability to sleep through every thing. Makes me wonder if having kids with him is a good idea, he's going to sleep through every cry of Mama or Daddy. I'll have to learn to function and not be grumpy on like 2 hours of sleep. Maybe I can hit the lottery and we can hire a nanny. Oh dare to dream!!!

Oh and on a knitting note: I'm about 1/2 way through the foot on the second of my Vegan Bamboo socks but my skein of yarn has become hopelessly tangled and in trying to strighten it out, I've cut the yarn and will have to reattach it after I sort out the mess.

My yarn started out looking like this at the begining of the pair and now looks like somethings been nesting it. I guess you can only drop the ball or have it attacked by a kitty so many times before it just gives up the ghost and falls apart. I'd hoped to have it finished before my mom comes over on Friday evening. She requested that I make her a pair of socks a few weeks ago and I want to suprise her with them. More pic's when they're done.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

1.Get a cat. They're quiet and use litterboxes!

2. After you have a baby, I think both parents automatically go into "high alert" for noises, so your husband might do better than you think!

3. I am not a morning person either and I don't like choppy sleep either... it makes me doubly unbearable! LOL.

4. I hate yarn problems and have become so frustrated that I've thrown misbehaving yarn into the trash!

blairspage said...

Hey girl... sorry about the lack of sleep! I've never had an issue with it, but I do wake up at the drop of a pin. And, Britt tends to snore... a lot... and that wakes me up! The man even snores on his stomach!

Hugs - Tiff