January 20, 2009

Since last weekend was a three day weekend thank to MLK Day, I had a 4 day-er with my Friday off. Friday got off to a good start with some light house cleaning and then my mom showed up and we did a bit of shopping. We went to a couple different fabric stores including a local favorite called Country Sewing Center for some quilt fabrics and a ruler that my mom needed and we stopped at my new favorite shop, The Yarn Shoppe. My mom hadn't been into that shop yet and since she doesn't live close by I wanted her to check it out. Mom is also a knitter and a very accomplished quilter and a seamstress. I guess love of fiber arts just runs in the family.

We stopped at the local pet store for a couple things for my mom that she can't get local where she lives and I found the funniest dog toy ever. My sweet boy, Rex, is a very aggressive chewer and the only toys that hold up under is powerful jaws are Kong's. They are a great solid rubber toy made specifically for dogs that like to chew. I intended to buy him a Kong but the store was all out of the kind he needed so I found a solid rubber toy that is shaped like a squirrel. It's even holding an acorn in it's little rubber squirrel paws!

I just love this toy! It's so cute I couldn't resist!

Saturday, the Hubbs and I met up with a few friends from Hubbs car club and went up to the Sierra's to do a bit of snow wheeling. We couldn't have asked for any better weather and it even got to the point where I was wishing for a short sleeved shirt. The snow was so dry and powdery under the hard crust where it had melted and then refrozen that we could barely make a snow ball for tossing.

I don't know what is prettier, the blue-blue sky or the river. We're so lucky to live in such a wonderful place.

The Hubbs getting ready to jump into the truck.

Me & the truck. It's funny. I'm never in the pictures because I'm always behind the camera but the one time I hand the camera to someone else they take my picture while I'm eating.
Sunday I spent part of the day working on my knitting. Saturday after we got home from the snow, I kitchner stitched the toe on my first sock, and cast on the cuff for the second sock. Sunday, Hubbs and I finished cleaning the house and then I spent part of the day knitting, part of the day working on my table runner and mats for MIL and part of the day baking. I made two more loaves of white bread and then I also did some pizza dough for dinner. Hubbs and I agreed that the pizza that I made at home was much better then the pizza that we got on Friday night from the pizzeria. It was also much more filling then the other kind. We each ate two pieces and called it good. Hubbs was thrilled because he had enough for lunch the next day.

My second sock! Sunday I was able to almost finish the heel flap. Monday morning I was able to finish the heel flap, start and finish the gusset and get the foot 2/3 of the way finished. I can't wait to get these socks done. They are going to be the prefect weight to wear with my comfy work shoes to keep my feet a bit warmer at work

What started as me trying to get a picture of my sock in natural light turned in to a doggy photo session. Miss Dixie looked so beautiful sitting in the sun that I couldn't resist taking about a dozen pictures of her. Normally she's a hard one to get to sit still long enough to take her picture but this time she just sat there and looked adorable. I just love this picture of her.

Hubbs even took some time out on Monday to work on his projects. He got a new circular saw for Christmas and used it for the first time. I think all and all he was pretty happy with it. It cut a nice clean edge for him and his box will look really good when he's done with it.

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! I'm already thinking about the next one!

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