January 15, 2009

10 Things About Me

1. I hate cold weather. If had had my way, the winter would be spent in Hawaii or some other warm tropical place.

2. All the towels have to be folded the same way in the drawer. My mother-in-law swears this will change when the Hubbs and I have kids but for now, I'm not messing with it.

3. No one but me folds the laundry the right way. Even my mom has given up trying to help me out by folding the laundry. If it's not folded just so the OCD in me will make me refold everything so it's all the same.

4. I forget to put my wedding band on on my days off from work. 90% of the time I'll realize it after I'm already out on the main road where it's at least a mile before I can turn around and go back for it. Most of the time I don't go back for it. I never forget on days I have to work but the rest of the time Hubbs usually has to ask me if I have it.

5. I like routine. I hate to have it interrupted in anyway. Saturday is house cleaning day and heaven forbid if Hubbs wants to do something else that day. It throws my whole weekend off.

6. I work 4 - 10 hour days and have Fridays off. Friday is supposed to be my day to do whatever I want. Chores are saved for Saturday to be split 50/50 with Hubbs. Half the time Fridays are spent with my tush glued to the couch. Considering that I love to run, I can't seem to get myself motivated to do a dang thing on Fridays and will usually spend the entire day in my Jammies.

7. I was Wonder Woman for Halloween in 3rd grade. Best Halloween Costume ever.

8. My older sister used to make me mad when we were kids by sticking just her head in my room. I'd tell her to get out and she'd pull her head back and say that she was out, then stick her head right back into my room. No amount of fussing or complaining to my mom would get her to stop, so I fixed it myself. She started up with this game one day and I told her, "If you stick your head in here one more time, I'm going to hit you in the face with this hard back Nancy Drew book." She did, so I did. The best part was that she went crying to my mom and my mom actually backed me up. She told my sister, "Well, she warned ya." Best day ever in the history of my life only surpassed by my wedding day to Hubbs. I can honestly say that this was the only time I think my mom ever backed me in a squabble with my sister.

9. I have a younger sister that is almost 2o years to the day younger then I am. Her birthday is in January and mines in February. We're both Aquarius's but complete opposites. Since my Dad and Step-mom (Mom #2) moved to Oregon I miss her terriable.

10. I ride a Harley.

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Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'd feel naked if I didn't wear my rings all the time (engagement ring and wedding band and my mom's engagement ring). The only time I take them off is if I have to do something messy with my hands, like making meatballs or something.