January 31, 2009

Next Knitting Project

Tuesday morning I was trying to decide on a pattern to use for the February Sock Down Challange on Ravelry. I finally decided to use Brigit by Monkey Toes. You can find it here on Rav, http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/brigit. Once I'd decided to join the sock down and picked a pattern I was looking for yarn. I knew I wanted something pink. Lately everything I love is pink, my cell phone, my camera, my big knitting bag...and I'm sure a dozen other things too.

I looked on every knitting site and really couldn't find anything I loved. I happend to come across some really beatiful pink Zitron Trekking (XXL) yarn in pink in another Ravelrys stash that was for sale. I contacted PurlyGates and she was willing to sell it. I asked Hubs to paypal PurlyGates AKA Suzie the money Tuesday night when I got home and I had the yarn in had on Thursday night when I got home from work.

To say the least Suzie works fast. She dropped it in the mail on Wednesday morning and it got here over night from San Francisco. I was so excited when I pulled the package from the mail box that I would have ripped it open in the street but those bubble wrap packages require scissors. When I got the package open the yarn was just perfect, so pink and pretty. Suzie also included a really cute leaf stitch marker and a sweet postcard.

I just want to give Suzie a special thanks for the quick service, the great yarn and the really sweet stitch marker!

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