November 1, 2010

Even though Saturday wasn't the greatest day weather wise, Hubbs and I took the opportunity to use some passes to visit the Sacramento Zoo. Being that the weather was very over cast and threatening rain, we pretty much had the zoo to ourselves. After our cross country trip earlier this year, I'm a bit spoiled for having places to ourselves, but I love being able to see everything without having to fight with a ton of of other people.


A Lemur that wasn't sure about the umbrella I was holding in my other hand


I love how his upper lip hangs so far over his bottom lip


African Reg Hog and her babies

Not sure what this thing is called but I love his horns

The Chimpanzees were eating large pieces of pumpkins

The tigers were so pretty

Monkey! He looks so sad.

Flamingos. They sound like geese when they're feeding.


The King of the Jungle, the lion

Ant Eater

Snow Leopard



We really enjoyed the zoo. We got to talk to some of the handlers and I even got to pet a hedgehog. The only thing I could have lived without was the reptile house but that was the part that Hubbs really enjoyed the most. Snakes scare the spit outta me but it was still interesting. Hubbs went first in the reptile house and warned me if there were snakes in each part so I was prepared for them and not jumping out of my skin. Even though I don't really like them, it was still neat.
I love the zoo and I can't wait to go back again. Hopefully next time we'll be able to see the pandas!

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