November 24, 2010

I finished another book this week. This time I finished my at work reading book.

I rated After America by John Birmingham as a three star on GoodReads. It was a decent story but I felt like it left off in the middle of the story and there was no closure. So I liked it but it wasn't great.

Since I need/have to have some break time reading for work, I grabbed The Jasmine Moon Murder off my night stand at home. I'm out of Library books except for the one I'm already reading at home and I won't get a chance to get to the library until tonight. The Tea Shop Mysteries are cute books, easy to read. Plus it's pretty short at only couple of hundred pages and I can finish it up pretty quickly. I got my mom hooked on these books and now she buys them when she finds one she hasn't read before and then passes them to me. Free books are always awesome.

In addition to going to the library tonight I also have to bake a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. It will be my first pumpkin pie I've ever baked. Hopefully I'll be able to get it right the first time and it won't require me running to the store for more supplies. I will admit that I bought a ready made crust instead of making my own. Last year I went through about 5 batches of pie dough because I kept screwing it up. I ended up going to the store and just buying the pre-made stuff and nobody knew the difference.
The week leading up to a holiday is always so busy for me. Thankfully I got a bit a head of the curve this by doing part of my holiday cooking on Sunday. Since Thanksgiving got switched from my house to my grandmothers house I don't have to do all the food but I was asked to make my Cranberry-Tangerine Chutney that everyone loves. It's really yummy on the turkey but because it's sweet, I like it over a block of cream cheese with crackers on the side. It's not a complicated recipe but it does take some time and you really have to watch it on the stove so it doesn't burn. You pretty much just dump all the ingredients into a pot on the stove and let it cook down for about 40 min's. But you have to watch it and stir every so often. The recipe says stir occasionally but I've found that if you don't stir it more often then it sticks to the bottom of the pot and burns. And no one likes burned chutney.
Well, I guess I better get my tail in gear if I'm going to get everything done today! Happy pre-turkey day!

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