October 31, 2010

What a lazy Sunday. We enjoyed a very sunny Sunday in which we did almost nothing. We did some grocery shopping and that's about it. Hubbs cooked dinner (a Paula Dean recipe that he got off the Internet) and it turned out really good.

Hubbs is so proud.
Taste dish of chopped chicken, mixed veggies, a few other things with a biscuit topping. It was really good.

Earlier in the day, we discovered that we had a visitor on the back patio. Rex, being the unsocial dog that he is, wasn't really happy about it. Too bad the visitor, or maybe luckily, the visitor was up too high on the wall for him to get.
On Point

Our visiting praying mantis. Finally a green one. Normally we get lots of brown ones but since we've had some rain everything is starting to green up and I guess that includes the Mantis.

He was so cool. When we'd talk he'd turn his head to look at you. Neatest bug ever!

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