October 25, 2010

What a wet and stormy weekend! We had lots of rain and high winds, not the first storm of year but it was enough to capture every ones attention around here. Normally our wet season doesn't really start until about February but it looks like after such a mild summer, it's going to start early this year. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. We NEED the water. All of the reservoirs are really low and have been for a few years now.
Hubbs is already looking for snow but I think it's a bit early for that. But I could see my breath this morning so you never know. I love fall weather, even if it's rainy. I love being cozy inside. I love sweaters and boots. I love walking through fallen leaves. I love seeing the deer move around more and the squirrels gathering food for the winter. I love fall.
Plus fall makes for great knitting weather...which is really the most important thing, right? Since it was rainy outside Hubbs and I didn't do too much. We went to the zoo on Friday, got Hubbs hair cut Saturday and stayed home all day on Sunday and watched it rain. I worked on my Vera sweater by Snowden Becker.
Pictures by Snowden Becker

Picture by Snowden Becker

I love, love, love this sweater. I finished both sleeves and got them attached to the body which is knitted in one piece (love seamless) but I'm having trouble with the arm hole shaping part of the pattern. I'm finding her directions at this point pretty hard to follow. I had to draw myself a little schematic in order to understand where to put the increases and the decreases. And the directions aren't real clear about the increases on the front that move the vine leaf panel over. I understand that you add them but I'm not sure if they are supposed to be knit stitches or purl stitches or what.
But despite the challenges that this pattern offers, I'm still trying. Yesterday I was seriously considering frogging this sweater and using the yarn for something else. I even went so far as to look at other patterns. But at this point, I'm going to keep going on it. I want to try and see this through. It doesn't seem like any of the other people that have made this pattern so far have had the troubles that I seem to be having. Maybe it's just me. But whatever the case, I'm going to keep working on it and see what happens.

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