October 28, 2010

The one in which wild life wanders through...

After a weird/bad day at work, I walk out of the building and see about 20 wild turkeys crossing the parking lot. I'd seen one or two before, real early in the morning but never this many. They were calling to each each in the high pitch chirp. It was really neat. I stopped in my tracks and grabbed my camera from my purse.

Big Tom with his lady friend.

Suddenly the whole flock started running and these two were trying to catch up. I was so close, I could see the blue on the tom's head.

Another lady trying to catch up to the flock. I think girl turkeys are called hens but I'm not sure.

Sacramento is such a weird city. It's the center of state government in California. It's a hustling city but at the same time, the highway is full of hay trucks and cattle trucks. You get held up on the way to work by combines and tractors. Wild turkeys run through the parking lot of your office building. It's a weird place...and I love it.

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