November 30, 2009

What a very scary morning. My poor coworker got taken away in the ambulance this morning. She came in like normal but about an hour after she got here she had a very intense pain in her left side that started in her back and radiated into her groin. She was so out of it with the pain that she was literally rolling around and talking non-sense. The worst part was not being able to do anything for her. I did my best to comfort her and tried to comfort her husband over the phone and give directions to the hospital.

By the time that they got her out of the office and into the ambulance I was very shaken. Visibly shaken. I can only hope and pray that she will be alright.

Hope the rest of the day is better then this morning.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Keep us updated on your coworker - I'm sending positive vibes her way.

Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, that's scary! I hope you've found out by now how she is. I also forgot to say in your last post -- I hope you had a good time camping!!!