November 14, 2009

I! Have made pie! From scratch!

It's my first apple pie, actually it might be my first pie ever. I can't ever remember ever making one before. When I was doing the pie crust it seemed very familiar but I think it was just from having watched my mom do it a million times before.

Isn't it lovely?! I was hoping it would brown up more but since I forgot to put the wash on the crust before it went into the oven, it looks pretty good to me. I'm waiting for Hubbs to get home from work to cut into it. I know that he's a boy and won't appreciate how it looks, all boys care about it how it tastes. But I'm dying to know! I know I can bake some killer cookies but this is my very first pie.

The recipe is from Cooking I love that website. It's got tons of great stuff on it, everything from cooking to healthy living to exercise. Great magazine, great website. The recipe can be found here: It's just a basic apple pie but I didn't want to try anything too fancy coming out of the gate on this one. For Thanksgiving at the in-laws I'm going to make a chocolate silk pie (Hubbs favorite) and what I call a cowboy cake. The cowboy cake is a "make in the pan" cake. There are no bowls and it's super easy. A definite fan favorite since my mother-in-law asked for it. I'll have to make a second one to take on our annual camp out for Thanksgiving weekend. I'll be sure to post the recipe before thanksgiving.

I'll let you know if Hubbs likes the pie or not! Fingers crossed! lol

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