November 15, 2009

Before I could cut the pie last night, Hubbs wanted to get a proud cook pic. He cracks me up! My first pie!

First cut

First bite

Official verdict!

The pie turned out really good. I'm not sure I'm happy with the way the apples baked down. It looked awesome before I cut it but once it was cut it was a bit like apple sauce inside. I think it might have been the variety of apples that I used. I might have to try again with a different kind to see if they don't bake down so far. But all in all it was a great pie, good flavor and the crust was awesome. I was really worried about the crust. I know that I can tell the difference between a store bought crust and a homemade one so I was worried about how it was going to turn out. But it turned out light and flaky and very yummy.
Thankfully the official judge, Hubbs, gave it a thumbs up and had two slices! I'll call that a total victory since he doesn't really like pies with fruit in them. Next pie is Chocolate Silk, his favorite. Pressure is on since he's only had ones from bakery's. I'm sure I can do it.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Did you use Granny Smith apples? They make the best for pies.

Lisa said...

I used Macintosh apples. I think the apples could be the problem. Like 6 other people have asked me if I used Granny Smith apples too.