March 30, 2011

KniCroBlo Week, Day 3: Tidy Mind, Tidy Stitches

My number one rule of stashing yarn? Don't do it. Just say no. No yarn that doesn't have a specific purpose. It's a rule that I had to learn the hard way. I used to shop hop a lot with my mom for fabric and I would buy all kinds of stuff that I was sure I'd use later but now it just sits in a dresser in my sewing room hoping to be used...someday. Ugh, the dreaded someday. It never comes. And if it does, it doesn't come fast enough and most of the time that fabric that I loved so much 5 years ago, I'm over now and have no plans to use..ever.
So I took that lesson and have applied to yarn. Does that mean that I don't have a stash? No. So how did I get a stash? Some of it was gifted to me by a friend when she was moving out of state. Some of it was stuff I bought for specific projects that I never got around to and no longer want to do and some of it I have a plan for and am just waiting to finish a current project before I start a new one.

How do I store my stash? Easy, plastic bin, under my scrap basket under two boxes and a VCR.Is this the best way to store yarn? I don't know, but I really doubt it. However, it keeps it from getting dusty and it keeps a certain black, furry kitty cat from getting in to it and making a huge mess.

Writing this post has made me really think about how I keep my stash. I don't have hardly any of it on Ravelry. It would make sense to have it on Rav, then I'd know what I have and if I can use it for a project. Interesting. Maybe a project for next week.

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