March 4, 2011

I came down with a nasty head cold this week. Mostly runny nose, stuffed up ears and coughing along with feeling like my head was stuffed with cotton. I am a horrible, whiny sick person and I'm sure that Hubbs was grateful that he had to go to work and thus avoided having to deal with me for most of the day.

So as to not waste a day, I paid bills and balanced the check book but after that I ran out of chores to do. The house was already clean and honestly even if it wasn't I wouldn't have worked on it anyway since I just wasn't up to doing anything to strenuous. So instead I did a little shopping for stitch markers on Etsy. I found tons I like but I really wanted instant gratification. I hate waiting for stuff to ship. So I made my own.

Blue ones.

Green ones.

Both sets fit size 5 and smaller needles. I love my stitch markers that I bought from Miss Purl at Stitches West but they're better suited for size 8 needles then the size 4's I'm using for Larch. I made two sets of 7 each. And it was really easy. They're not as nice as the ones I bought but pretty good for a first try. I had problems wrapping the wire around to secure the loop at the top. Some came out better then others. It was fun and cheap since I had all the stuff to make them already. A good way to pass a couple of hours when you're sick.

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