March 26, 2011

Cross your fingers for me. I'm off this morning to take a promotional test for my job. If I do well it will go so far to improving the quality of my life.

I don't talk about my job much here but suffice it to say that my job situation is really bad and I've been looking to leave for a while. The state currently has a hard freeze on hiring which means that I can't even transfer to a new division and do the same job somewhere else. Of course with the hard freeze I wont be able to go somewhere else anyway but when the freeze is lifted I will be able to get a better job.

The hard part is that I love my current co-workers and I really do like my job. I know it sounds weird when I say that my job situation is bad in one breath and say that I like my job in another. But it's true, both statements. If management would stop setting our unit up for failure by giving us realistic time lines and due dates things would be different. But what can you do when they refuse to listen? Not much...or look for a new job.

I shouldn't blame our management. They're great. It's government. They want it all without providing enough staff to actually do the job and they don't care if you need more staff. It's like a whirlpool around here. Crap is constantly flowing in from the field, so we feed crap to management who feeds it to the legislature/Governor. Who then sends it back and starts the cycle all over again.

Anyway, I didn't start this post as a way to gripe about my job, my bosses or my government. Fingers crossed, I'll do great on this test, get offered tons of awesome jobs, promote, make more money and be happier at work. Fingers crossed.

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