March 16, 2011

I don't normally talk about politics or current events here but I've been the events in Japan pretty closely. While listening to the news at work yesterday it suddenly dawned on me that an earthquake like what happened in Japan could easily happen here. I'm on the safety team at work, we've recently had an earthquake drill and talked about disaster preparedness. After that meeting, Hubbs and I talked about what we need to do to prepare in case of an earthquake but other then purchasing a few bottles of propane we never did anything to prepare.

This morning I went to the American Red Cross site and found a list to build a preparedness kit. The list has everything from food and water to emergency radio and blankets. I think that Hubbs and I will be building one of these kits and soon. California is very active with earthquakes and being that we live in the California Delta, tsunami's are a real possibility. However, that water would have to travel a really long way before it would reach us, but the possibility is still there. Watching those images on last nights news of the water rushing in and washing away cars and houses was very frightening.

I don't ask for donations ever but I think that donating money to The Red Cross can really help the people of Japan. If you can donate, please do. Even $5 can help.

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