February 8, 2011

I was finally ready to start swatching for Larch the other day.

So I wound up a couple of skeins of yarn...

and I really fell in love with Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light. It is beautiful and the colors made me want a piece of pumpkin pie.

So I swatched and got gauge. So I cast on and was able to knit a few rows before bed time. I carefully put Larch into my knitting bag and off I went.

The next day I come home, did my chores and finally after waiting all day to work on it again, I pick up my needles. And that's when I saw it...someone had chewed the tip off the needle! My beautiful Harmony interchangeables! Devastation...so sad.

And that was the beginning to a week that went down hill from there but those stories aren't worth repeating. However I did order replacement tips but Knit Picks seems to use the slow boat from China when they ship unless you're willing to pay a lot more in shipping, which I'm not.

So in the mean time I found a different project to start. I swatched and cast on for Roheline by Suvi Simola. Pictures will be forth coming in a future post. We all know that I can't go without a knitting project and I'm still waiting on the handles to finish Lacy Leaf Satchel so there was no help there. But at least I have something to work on and it was something that I wanted to work on since the new Twist Collective came out a while back.

So that's it for now...off to work on Roheline.

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