January 24, 2010

Since my Heather Hoodie is blocking I cast on for another sweater. I cast on for Thermal by Laura Chau. I'm using Knit Picks Gloss in Woodland Sage, it's a blue/green sock yarn, and size 4 needles. It takes a long time to do one repeat of the pattern since the yarn is so small and the neeles are so small. So far I love the pattern but I just wish it was knitting up faster! I actually started the swatch for this back on January 12th but really didn't start to actually knit on it until about the 18th becuase I was still working on my Hoodie. But now that the Hoodie is in it's final blocking, I can work on this. It's going to be a while before it's done but I'm willing to wait for it.

I still need to make progress on the three other sweaters that I set a goal of finishing for this year. One just needs blocking and some finishing work, one needs to have it's button band finished and then blocked and the last one, Celeste, I have a lot to do on. Celeste only has one sleeve finished and I need to get cracking on all three.

It's only the middle of January and I'm feeling a ton of pressure to get all my goals accomplished for the year ASAP. I think I need to relax a bit and give myself some room to breath. I still have 11 months to get it all done. Pleanty of time! (I hope) ;)

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