January 25, 2010

I accomplished #6 on my list of goals for the year. I made another skirt like the one I made last weekend and I made the dress that I had the pattern for too. This skirt is a little more dressy then the one from last weekend but very comfortable and will be great for work. I chose a polyester, not something I normally choose because I don't really like synthetic fabrics but because it's more was and wear then cotton it means no ironing for me! I hate ironing.

I really love the length of this skirt. It's long enough to be modest enough but short enough that it has some fun to it.

The dress turned out really cute too. I like the detail on the bodice. And it was fun to spend another day with my mom learning to sew. I can't wait to get to the fabric store to check out some other patterns.

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Thimbleanna said...

Very, very nice Lisa! You did a great job. And now you are hooked - Yipee!!!