January 13, 2010

I finished Madame Bovary Yesterday and picked up my next two Library books. I was able to get Moll Flanders and Ulysses. I choose Moll Flanders to read first because it is only 400 pages and Ulysses is over 1,000. I didn't get very far into it last night as I fell asleep really yearly. Normally I have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night and it usually takes at least an hour of reading before I feel sleepy but last night I was asleep in 15 min's.
Madame Bovary was an interesting book but I didn't really like the end. I felt bad for the woman even though it seems like most of her problems were her own fault. I really felt bad for her husband, who after her death discovered that she was an unfaithful woman. He morned her passing so much and it was so hard on him. Poor guy.
On the knitting front, I have finished the Heather Hoodie up to the point where I have to block the fronts and the backs. They are currently blocking and I'm hoping that they will be dry enough today that I can begin doing a three needle bind off on the shoulders to start the hood and the button bands and the short sleeves. This knit up so fast that I'm almost disappointed that I'm more then half way done. But I also can't wait to wear it! It's going to be so great for cold days when I'm working in the kitchen where I like to have my sleeves pushed up so nothing gets on them but I still need something to keep me warmer. Or when I'm working in my sewing room where it's always either chilly or steaming hot from having the bright lights, sewing machine and iron on.
My mom might be coming over this weekend with my Grandmother and my sister for some girls bonding time. I'm hoping that there will be enough time for my mom to give me some sewing lessons. I really want to learn to sew clothing but all those markings on the patterns are so confusing. I need some in site on what they all mean so I can learn to sew my own clothing. Last time I tried I think I was like 11 or 12 years old. Let's just say that it didn't go well then. I'm hoping that it will go better this time!

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