February 2, 2012

On Being a Responsible Adult...Or Not

I will be the first to tell you that I am not a responsible adult. I don’t like to pay my bills, I don’t spend the money either but I hate to pay the bills. So every couple of months the bills start to pile up and I start getting things in green envelopes or pink envelopes.

It drives Hubbs crazy. Honestly, I don’t blame him. Bad me. But I’m just not good at paying the bills. I have had my car insurance cancelled by just about every insurance company there is due to non-payment. Thankfully, modern marvels of the modern world include automatic deduction and bill pay. Yay for bill pay! I’ve actually managed, thanks to automatic deduction, to maintain my car insurance carrier for a few years. And with bill pay, I don’t have to write checks. I just go on line, enter the amount I want to pay and pay the bills. Of course that doesn’t mean it always gets done.

Last night I had 2 bills in colorful envelopes and two vehicle registrations that needed to be taken care of. So bill pay I do and then I head over to DMV to pay the registrations. One is for our 5th wheel and the other is for Hubbs off road truck. I pay the $80+ of highway robbery for the trailer and then realize that Hubbs truck needs smog (again) and they want proof of insurance so I can’t pay any of it on line. Ugh. So annoyed with DMV and Hubbs for not looking at the registration when it came in to make sure that we didn’t need to do anything special with it. His off road truck is the only vehicle we have that has to have smog regularly. My car is too new, his big truck is diesel, and the Harleys are exempt because we don’t smog motorcycles in California. That leaves the off road truck and it seems like we have to smog it every year.

We have 5 vehicles for 2 licensed drivers, 6 if you want to count the 5th wheel. 4 of them are due in January and 2 are due in June. It makes for a very tough month financially when the fees are close to $1000 for 4 vehicles. June is more do-able but still tough since my car is due then and it’s a newer vehicle and therefore more expensive.

So anyway, the point is that I was a responsible adult and I paid my bills. Of course since the first of the month just passed, I’ll be getting a whole new set of bills soon. Boo. And I’ll have to try to be a responsible adult again and pay my bills…I just hope that my paycheck clears my account soon!

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Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sometimes I get so anxious about bills, I try to forget them, too. I used to be on top of it all, but, well..... it's kinda gone downhill. I know what you're feeling.