February 1, 2012

January Training Recap…

Happy February 1st!

Total Miles run in January: 94.55
Total time spent running: 15 hours & 43 minutes

First run of January: 1/2/12

01/02 – 01/08:
Miles run: 23.67
Time spent running (h:m:s): 4:23:30

01/09 – 01/15:
Miles run: 21.64
Time spent running (h:m:s): 3:43:35

01/16 -01/22:
Miles run: 13.13
Time spent running (h:m:s): 02:07:55

01/23 – 01/29:
Miles run: 30:73
Time spent running (h:m:s): 05:16:56

01/30 – 01/31:
Miles Run: 5.38
Time spent running (h:m:s): 0:52:29

What did I learn in January:
Proper fueling is key especially for my long runs. My long last Sunday of 10 miles almost killed me and I’m still recovering from it because I didn’t eat well and didn’t hydrate like I know that I should have before a long run. 10 miles is a long way, a really long way. I ran it and ran the whole thing but I know I could have done better if I had been better fueled.

Next long run is this Sunday, 11 miles. I plan to be more prepared for this run.

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