February 6, 2012

Comment Contest Give Away...

My local Fleet Feet (Fleet Feet Sacramento) is having a comment contest on Facebook where the best comment gets a Nike Running Cyclone Jacket. I don't need this jacket but it is cute and I would wear it.

Being one to not back down in the face of a challenge, I wrote a little poem for my comment. I'm sure there are people the world over, laughing their collective butts off but here's the poem for your enjoyment.

Why I run and what I do
Is a secret that I can’t share with you.
I run and run, I run for miles
Cool, rainy days make me smile.
What can make my training better then picking up my race packet?
Clearly only a Nike Running Cyclone Jacket.

Come on, it's good, right?! LOL I doubt I'll win but it was fun to work up a poem instead of the same old drivel you get on facebook.

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