January 7, 2012

Kings Win!! Kings Win!!!

I mentioned to Hubbs a while back that we should try to see a Sacramento Kings game at home before the Maloofs move the Kings to another city. So Thursday night we got tickets to see the Kings play the Milwaukee Bucks. I've been to see major league baseball but never basketball.

We had pretty decent seats behind the hoop. After seeing the game, I think next time we should try to get tickets from the side. I spent a lot of time trying to see but the back board was in the way.
They had a very nice opening with the national anthem. And during the game they had dancing girls and break dancers.

Of course I wore a hand knit, Roheline. It was the sweater that I knit last year for Stitches West and the sweater I wear most of the time.

Jimmer Frebette, I guess he's a big deal. They had all kinds of shirts that said, "Got Jimmer?" He was a good player and made lots of baskets. The game was really exciting even if I didn't really know what was going on most of the game. I'm pretty sure I asked Hubbs a thousand questions. But the game was fast paced and fun.

In the last period the game was really exciting becuase it was so close. There were lots of fouls and we finally pulled it out in the end for a win. The crowed was going crazy and everyone was on their feet. Right at the buzzer the Bucks shot a 3 pointer which would have tied up the game but it bounced off the rim. Everyone was screaming and hollaring. It was a great game and a very fun way to spend the evening. I defenitaly want to see another one.

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