January 12, 2012

First Finished Object of 2012

And my first piece of color work! I give you...Muckle Mitts!
Pattern: Muckle Mitts by Mary Jane Mucklestone
Needles: US 3 & US 4
Yarn: Lion Brand Lion Wool Solids in Pearl Gray and Ebony (1/2 skein of Ebony & 1/4 of Pearl Gray)
Mods: Moved thumb hole to row 12 instead of row 11. Did 6 repeats of the finger ribbing instead of 4 & did 8 repeats of thumb ribbing instead of 6.

I love any pair of mitts that has a thumb. I never liked the pairs that has just a hole for the thumb.

One of my goals for 2011 was to learn color work. I know it's not 2011 anymore but I'm marking it off on my goals since I still have 2011's listed in my side bar. This pattern was really easy to follow and didn't really need any mods. The only reason I did mods was because my hands are long and I wanted them to cover more of my fingers. They fit really well and I only had a couple of places where the stitches could have been pulled tighter or where the colors don't match up exactly. But all and all, I'm super proud of these mitts. My first try at color work and I actually walked away with a use able and beautiful pair of mitts. I can't wait to wear these!

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